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Time Slip

Time Slip

Yesterday is today, or is tomorrow already gone?

Future, present and past, three totally different terms that are connected directly have been my inspiration for "Time Slip".

An apparently archaic white case and a white dial stand as symbol for a well acquainted past. On it with golden letters the present stand out.

The "Here and Now" is located in the centre of a golden square. It marks the border of space in which we can operate.

The future stays uncertain. It is the region of time from which we get no information. It is a "Black Hole", symbolized by black pointers. They describe the speed in which we travel from present to future and in which present becomes past.

Facing the astonishing acceleration which mankind currently experiences, it makes definitely sense to think about the borders of past, present and future.

Tomorrow probably the borders are blurred to a certain extinct that the question at the top of this text is a serious matter for us that is worth to be discussed.

Technical Details :

Crown: 750/ -white gold, double o-ring seal

Pointer: silver

Core: 925/-sterlingsilver

Dial: thingold, 925/-silver

Crystal and back: acrylic material dispersed

Movement: ETA2892A2/sec.stop/quick set date

Diameter: 36,3 mm

Height: 5,5 mm , with glass 11 mm

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