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Thanks to Albert Einstein's mathematical argumentation time is known as being relative in common sense. There is surely a difference in the relative measure of time by each person. Probably the measurement of time is dependent on the individual importance of things. Some people forget about time while fishing, others don't have time at all. I like to let myself drift in the stream of time, just to see where it gets me. If I discover something important on the shore, I drop the anchor and take the time needed. Therefore my watch is called "Stream". A huge platinum stream pierced by golden shores. Sometimes it happens to me that I forget the time, for example while building chronometers.
Technical Details :

Pointer: 750/-yellowgold

Core: 750/-yellowgold and whitegold

Dial: thingold, rhodium, 925/-silver

Back: whitegold dispered

Movement: ETA 2472

Diameter: 36,5 mm.

Height: 5 mm, with glass 9 mm

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