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Nexus Shadow

Nexus Shadow

Prisoners of our time ...

... that's what we're all. He who loves life will surely, with a bit of melancholy, think about the fact that our own time will find an end. It surrounds us like a net, in which we can move up to its borders.

There are enough stable hairlines nearby on which we can trust, if we lose grip for whatever reason. Sometimes it is useful to alter the focus, and the world appears in different colours. So it is with "Nexus Shadow".

Like all watches from the "Nexus" series the "shadow" changes its colour, when looked at from different angles, from black to blue up to purple. This watch came into being by collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. Using newly developed software the dial was ennobled and finished with interferentional nanolayers.

So looking at things depends on the point of view.

Technical Details :

Core: 750/-yellowgold

Back: screwed, o-ring sealed

Pointer: 750/-whitegold

Dial: 750/-gold, 750/-whitegold

Crown: 750/wg / twice o-ring sealed

Glass: sapphire

Movement: ETA 2892A2/ sec.stop/quick set date

Diameter: 33 mm

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