Welcome !

We do not experience anything as intensively as time.

Because without time we do not experience anything.
If you belong to those, who want to
give a singular, noble and unmistakable expression
to the individuality of your time, then now enjoy
a journey to the world of precious watches.

For which of the models your heart may beat,
all of them have three characteristics in common,
they are:
- Hand-made odd pieces, which underline the personality of their carrier discreet.

- Masterpieces of the gold forging art, whose beauty and elegance have existence beyond all fashions.

- Precision time measurers, whose incorruptible reliability and robustness make it nearly timeless.

Please take your time to look around in the gallery. You will find a selection of watches as suggestions here.
Your masterpiece will look of course not in such a way like one of the work illustrated here.

Because none resembles the other one. In our shop you find our newest masterpieces for the immediate buying.
You find irresistible men and ladies' watches, with unmistakeable craft charm and of course jewellery for
Her and Him that correspond to your personality.

For an individual consultation appointment please call me and bring your time, I give mine to you with pleasure.
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