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Golden Concert

Golden Concert

It is not that I am an expert in classic music, but definitely a passionate listener.
The shiver that runs down your neck when the music touches your soul ... it is unforgettable.

This experience inspired me to express my pictures and feelings in a small, golden concert. All instruments coexist in equal harmony side by side.

The 6, the 9 and the 12 are setting important accents concerning the melody. The kettledrum is rarely active. It marks the beginning of a new day. Next to the conductor, who is giving the rhythm by using his baton, there are two solo instruments. They play the melody of hour and minute.

The floor of the concert hall is engraved with decent looking platinum, surrounded by a massive building in classic but yet modern architectural style.
Time and timelessness stand in direct contrast to each other. Isn't classic timeless?
Technical Details :

Pointer: 750/-yellowgold

Back: screwed,o-ring sealed

Dial: 750/-gold, Rhodium, 925/-silver

Crown: 750/Wg / o-ring sealed

Core: 750/-yellowgold

Crystal: vaulted acrylic material (bottom: sapphire)

Movement: ETA 2892A2/sec.stop/quick set date

Diameter: 37,6 mm

Height: 5 mm, with glass 9 mm

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