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At 12 o'clock a brilliant appears in a wondrous manner.


Only women are allowed by nature to experience and to feel the wonder of creation.

I must honestly remark that I envy women because of that experience of life and that I admire the capability to give birth to new life. Seen from an everyday perspective the procreation is surely the most beautiful and most simple thing in the world. Although seen from a closer perspective one has to acknowledge that an unbelievable number of small wonders are necessary for life to come into being.

I tried to express my thoughts concerning this topic in a watch. The inner circle of the dial is an ovum. Like in nature the period of impregnation is very short. When at 12 o'clock the pointers stand congruent they take the shape of a male sperm cell. Right at that moment of fertilization a shining brilliant appears. After that it vanishes for the rest of the day, only to reappear at the next 12 o'clock setting.

My motivation to build this complication may have been the wish to be creative, too.
Although I am aware of the fact that this is nothing in comparison to the wonder of women.
Technical Details :

Core: 750/-yellowgold

Height: 5 mm, with glass 9 mm

Upper glass: vaulted acrylic material

Under glass: sapphire

Back: screwed, o-ring sealed

Pointer: 750/-whitegold

Dial: 900/-gold, 750/-whitgold

Crown: 750/wg / twice o-ring sealed

Movement: ETA 2892A2/ sec.stop/quick set date

Diameter: 36,5mm

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