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Diamond Star

Diamond Star

This watch - in every respect - is astonishing!

Its dial consists of a single massive diamond with a diameter of 33 mm, which gives life to this watch through countless reflections in the crystal facets.

No other material is able to beat the fascination and brilliance, which emerges from the noblest substance available. At the sight of this watch the desire to be immortal seems to be daring. The everlasting nature of the diamond contrasts with our own vulnerability and the short time span that we are allowed to walk on earth.

May be it is an occasion to concentrate on the important matters of life and to enjoy them. "Diamond Star" will go further into the future than human imagination currently can.

Until eternity.
Technical Details :

Core: 750/-yellowgold

Back: screwed, o-ring sealed

Pointer: 750/-whitegold

Dial: 750/-gold, 750/-whitegold

Crown: 750/wg / twice o-ring sealed

Glass: sapphire

Movement: ETA 2892A2/ sec.stop/quick set date

Diameter: 33 mm

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