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World Premiθre!

The dial consists of a black diamond with a diameter of 33 mm. Spangled with countless diamond crystals, the glitter of this diamond is only to be found in nature on a starry sky.

Black Jack is the end product of long standing development and marks a border of the possible in terms of High Tech and watch making. Who is not willing to accept compromises, must to be ready to put all one's eggs in one basket.

So it is in life as well as in play. The only difference is that the chance in real life may exceed the imagination.
Technical Details :

• Pointer: 750/yellowgold

• Dial: The dial consists of one massive black diamond, Indexes 9 brilliants, 900/-yellowgold

• Crown: 750/whitegold, twice o-ring sealed

• Core: 750/-yellowgold

• Back: screwed, o-ring sealed

• Glass: - upper: vaulted acrylic material, - under: sapphire

• Movement: ETA 2892A2, sec.stop, quick set date

• Durchmesser: 36,5mm

• Height: 6mm, with glass 9,8mm

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